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Justine Skye Accuses Ex-Boyfriend Shek Wes Of Abuse, Attacking New Boyfriend & Friends, Posts Video & Story Receipts + Shek Denies Everything

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After singer Justine Skye spent Grammy night with her new boyfriend, "Crew" rapper GoldLink (lef)t), she accused her rapper ex Sheck Wes (right) of attacking her, her man and friends that night.  She also identified him as her abuser she spoke about months ago.  Shek denies everything, but Justine is providing what she claims are receipts.

Just months after Justine Skye went public about being in an abusive relationship in her recent past on her song and video "Build," sh*t has hit the fan now that she's identified her alleged abuser.

Late yesterday, Justine took to Twitter to blast rapper/model Sheck Wes for stalking and attacking her, her man and friends on Grammy night.  And she didn't stop there, she pointed out he's also the abuser she's been speaking of.


Don't know who Shek Wes is? He's the rapper behind that "Mo Bamba" song, and he's also a fashion model:


Shek took to Twitter to defend himself earlier today, denying her ever hit any woman:

Justine wasted no time clapping back. And she went in, with videos, texts and stories:

Shek says he was just trying to get his things back from "a girl":

Justine continued the clapback:


Justine spoke about her then-unnamed abuser back in November on The Breakfast Club while promoting her latest video "Build" which is centered around domestic violence.


“It’s not even about protecting him,” she said to the radio hosts.“The people who need to know, know. For me, it’s not about revenge…It’s not even about this person.”

Skye also said that she would speak more about her experience "on [her] own time" and suggested that one of the reasons she isn't naming her abuser is because of the rap community's attitude towards domestic violence.

"In rap culture, people don’t care. It’s about how talented the artist is, and they’ll still be bumping their music, they’ll still be playing [their album]," Skye said. "They’ll be like, ‘That’s fucked up what he did, but his new album is fire.'"



If you need support, resources and advice for your safety, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Photos: Justine's Twitter/Sheck's IG

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