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Dapper Dan Chimes In On The Gucci Black Face Drama, So Does Waka Flocka, T.I. & Spike Lee

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The drama of Gucci's black face-fronted items they have now pulled from shelves has sparked a celebrity boycott.  Now, Gucci designer Dapper Dan chimes in.  Get the latest inside...

Last week, the mammy-inspired/black face-inspired minstral-ish designs in Gucci and Prada's latest collections sparked plenty of backlash.  Now, a celebrity boycott is happening, and everybody has an opinion about it.

While it seems impossible for an entire fashion house - even if it's not American based - to not realize the painful historical context seen in the designs, the brands swear it was unintentional, yet still pulled the oversized-lip, black faced caricature items. 

Dapper Dan, who landed an entire collection for Gucci after they stole his ideas decades ago, is speaking out about it all.  He says he is meeting with the head designer in Harlem this upcoming week:


Waka Flocka says black celebs need to stop wearing these designers anyway and big-up black high fashion designers:


T.I. & Spike Lee are over it all.  And they're on board with a 3 month boycott:




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