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Kathy Griffin, Marlon Wayans & More Come To Tiffany Haddish's Defense After Her Heckler's Weird Flex While Video'ing Her Bombing On Stage

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After video of Tiffany Haddish completely bombing on stage in Miami NYE night went viral, she owned up to it. But her heckler flexing way too hard while video'ing her isn't sitting right with folks. And Tiffany gets defended like a queen....


Yes, Tiffany seemed...not herself at her recent show in Miami. Chick may have taken the first L of 2019 when follks walked out of her show New Year's Eve in Miami.

She admitted to partying nonstop before that night, and it clearly made her either forget or just bomb her entire show. Sis re-adjusted her crown, and then owned up to completely screwing up.

But the guy who filmed the video isn't getting let off the hook. Kathy Griffin, in particular, had all the time:

Come thru Kathy! If anybody would know about getting dragged all over the internet for not making the best comedic decisions, it would be her.

Others chimed in as well about this Andrew Chestnut guy posting this ish:

And the #CancelTiffany crowd is getting silenced too:

But others say she's fair game:



Photo: NBC Photo Bank

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