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Carmelo Anthony's Alleged BM Says Y'all Will Just Have To STAY Mad + Princess Love & Brandi Go AT It Over Baby Melody

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Carmelo Anthony's alleged baby mama says her baby is here and for those of you who don't like it, you'll just have to deal. Also, Princess Love and Brandi B got into a nasty social media spat over posting pictures of baby Melody Norwood. Everything inside...

As you all know, it was reported LaLa and Carmelo Anthony separated back in April 2017. However, as time as went on, we've been seeing sprinkles of a possible reconciliation between the two.

We all know Melo wants LaLa back as he has been thirsting after his wife on social media real heavy. In December 2017, LaLa popped up at one of his games and then in September 2018, the two attended an event together, snapping pictures as if they were a couple again. We've also spotted them together on dinner dates with their son Kiyan Anthony and attending his basketball events as well.

Well, now ish is getting messy again.

Word on the curb is that since Melo and LaLa have been working through their issues, his alleged daughter's mom Mia Burks is feeling the effect of it all. We hear he hasn't seen the baby in months and apparently is no longer co-parenting with Mia.

Mia hopped on Instagram recently to let those people who keep sending her vile messages to STOP. If they don't want to see her baby, she said they can just NOT visit her page. She also said while her dad won't defend the baby, she's going to stand up for her baby till the end. Peep the message below:

 photo carmelobabymama.png

Welp. It's still unclear if Melo is the biological father...at least to the public.

Peep a few recent pics of the baby below:





Also on social media...

 photo princessbrandi3.png


"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Princess Love lost it when her former co-star/close friend to the Norwood family Brandi B posted a picture of her baby Melody Norwood and tagged everyone in the family but her. When she saw the post, she hopped in her comments section, calling her out for not tagging everyone but her and asked her to take the pictue of her child DOWN:

 photo princessbrandi2.png

And then she said...

 photo princessbrandi4.png

Princess spilled she took Brandi out of her wedding and replaced her with Lyrica because she's a "fraud."

Once word got back to Brandi, she hopped on IG and posted a video to explain what went down during Princess and Ray J's wedding.  She also revealed she's pregnant herself:

Princess claims she never wanted her in her wedding in the first place: 

 photo princessbrandi6.png

Co-star Lyrica Anderson also jumped in and added her 2 cents:

 photo princessbrandi7.png

After all the back and forth, they decided to end it by writing:

 photo princessbrandi5.png


Then she hit her with this, accusing her husband of having an outside baby:


 photo Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 5.35.22 PM_zps7l3df4ga.png

 photo Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 5.35.28 PM_zpsbtisrrxz.png

Whew, chile. The foolery.


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