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Meghan Markle Makes First Solo Royal Appearance & All Everyone Can Talk About Is Her Shutting Her Own Car Door + *Squints* Is That A Baby Bump?

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 photo MeghanMark.jpg

Meghan Markle just made her first solo appearance as a royal and all everyone can talk about is the fact she closed her own car door, reportedly breaking royal protocol. Oh, brother. Peep clips of the new royal and that alleged baby bump inside...

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After playing netball with her husband Prince Harry and a few students, Meghan Markle stepped out for her first solo appearance as a royal. The Duchess of Sussex celebrated the opening of the "Oceania" exhibit at London's Royal Academy of Arts, four months after tying the knot in an epic royal wedding.

As she settles into her new role as a member of the royal family, the former "Suits" actress still reminds us she's a regular person at heart. When she pulled up at the Royal Academy of Arts, she got out, greeted one of the hosts, and then she closed her car door.

Check it:





Apparently, royals generally have their car doors opened and closed by staff members. It reminds us of the time during Meghan's first royal appearance with Queen Elizabeth when she started to get in the car on the wrong side. She's still learning!

Royal watchers on social media have praised her for being “humble” and “down to earth.” Etiquette expert William Hanson told the Daily Mail,

“The Duchess of Sussex closing her own car door is yet another silent signal that she is going to be doing things her own way and helping adapt and progress the British monarchy,“ he said. "Whether she thought long and hard about it before it happened, I doubt it, I suspect it was force of habit, but it is interesting to see that many have noticed as usually, dignitaries have a member of staff to do this for them.”

We definitely think she wasn't even thinking about closing the door and closed it out of habit.

 photo DuchessSussexOpensOceaniaRoyalAcademy5HDuWfLvSN8l.jpg

For the private museum tour, the 37-year-old royal wore a black Givenchy dress, pumps by Aquazzura and a black Givenchy clutch. We noticed she has been wearing her hair down in a sleek, straight style lately. By the way, Givenchy is the designer who made her royal wedding dress.

If you squinch hard, it looks like a mini baby bump could be poking out. Rumors have been swirling for a while that she's pregnant, but nothing has been confirmed. However, her outfit choices lately have continued to fuel the rumors.

 photo DuchessSussexOpensOceaniaRoyalAcademy8cl_ECDMgyMl.jpg

 photo DuchessSussexOpensOceaniaRoyalAcademy9yztrEKKtIQl.jpg

 photo DuchessSussexOpensOceaniaRoyalAcademyRnVJh0ffsp1l.jpg

All dark clothing, usually cinched at the waist or the waist hidden by ruffles.

 photo IMG_8061.jpg

Check out videos of Meghan during her first solo royal appearance below:


Love this dress though!






The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will make their first official visit to Sussex on October 3rd. Sweet!


Photos: Getty/MEGA/Kensington's IG

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