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Tiffany Haddish Channeled Her Inner Beyonce At 'BlacKKKlansman' Premiere Afterparty + Spike Lee, Corey Hawkins, Danielle Brooks & More Hit The Carpet

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The 'BlacKKKlansman' premiere went down in NYC last night and Tiffany Haddish was cutting up, per usual. See flicks and videos of the YBF actress, Spike Lee, Corey Hawkins, Danielle Brooks and more inside...

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Leave it to Tiffany Haddish to bring all the fun and laughs to an event. It's clear why she's the life of any party.

Last night, the Night School actress hit the red carpet (with a quick twerk) at the NYC premiere of Spike Lee and Jordan Peele's BlacKKKlansman film that was held at the BAM Harvey Theatre. And she def was turned up the entire night.

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Watch her turn up when Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" came on during the afterparty below:

Gotta love it.

Back on the carpet...

Tiffany revealed how she finally paid her Night School co-star Kevin Hart the $300 he loaned her before she made it big:


Got 'em!

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BlacKKKlansman director Spike Lee, actor Corey Hawkins (who stars in the film) and singer Maxwell were busy cutting up on the red carpet.

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereRedCarpet1Okwjc8k52ml.jpg

The entire Lee family, including his wife Tonya Lee Lewis and kids Jackson and Satchel Lee, came out to show support.

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereRedCarpetDOvOYqh-NmOl.jpg

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereRedCarpethENjGgGuYsRl.jpg

The movie, based on a true story, follows an African American detective (played by "Ballers" star John David Washington - son of Denzel Washington) and his Jewish partner (played by Adam Driver) who team up for an undercover mission to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan in 1979. While the movie is set in the 70s, it's reported to be quite timely as a result of what's currently going on in America.

Corey will play civil rights leader Kwame Ture.

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereRedCarpetIKVNIT532wql.jpg

Spiderman: Homecoming star Laura Harrier, who stars in the film, posed it up in a pink cut-out Louis Vuitton mini dress.

 photo 4EB3E9B300000578-6009023-image-a-46_1532996764692.jpg

Laura's character has been described as a "young Angela Davis type" named Patrice.

 photo 4EB3D39600000578-6009023-image-a-42_1532996234667.jpg

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereRedCarpetjzXcgh4lCbLl.jpg

BlacKKKlansman actress Damaris Lewis knows how to make a statement. She turned a Dior jacket into a whole red carpet look...and slayed. Werk.

 photo SPL5013237_010.jpg

Co-star love! Tiffany's Night School co-star Bresha Webb was all up in the mix.

 photo IMG_3384.jpg

It must be something about Tiffany's spirit because Bresha (and her whole crew) was cutting up as well:



 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereRedCarpet7tR8CD36gCfl.jpg

"Orange Is The New Black" star Danielle Brooks served up summertime fine.

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereRedCarpetrvaIT5kps4Al.jpg

At the afterparty...

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereAfterPartyclnYugyJbcml.jpg

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereAfterPartydolVusj_6Ggl.jpg

Daddy Denzel was in the mix to support his son John David Washington, spotted chopping it up with Spike.

 photo JohnDavidWashingtonBlacKkKlansmanNewYorkS-0Nutktfqsl.jpg

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereAfterPartyrDqPck0BHmrl.jpg

 photo BlacKkKlansmanNewYorkPremiereAfterPartyu4WZeKr3dEll.jpg

Fun times.

BlacKKKlansman hit theaters August 10th!


Photos: Getty/Splash/Startraks/Bresha's IG

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