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NBA FIGHT! Word On The Curb Is That Draymond Green & Tristan Thompson Got Into A Brawl During ESPY Afterparty

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A whole NBA showdown went down in the club after the ESPY Awards. How ironic. Get the deets on Draymond Green vs. Tristan Thompson inside...

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Two weeks ago, we spotted several NBA ballers on the LA party scene after this years ESPY Awards. Lakers baller LeBron James, Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson and Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant were spotted outside of Delilah nightclub.

What we didn't know at the time is that Draymond and Tristan got into a whole FIGHT in the club. Allegedly.

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If you were keeping up with the NBA Finals this year, then you know Warriors baller Draymond Green and Cavs baller Tristan Thompson were throwing mad shade at one another.

After the Warriors won Game 4, Tristan apparently tried to shake Draymond's hand and he DISSED him. Not only that, Draymond shared with the world what he said to Tristan when he tried to shake his hand during the Warriors' Champsionship parade. Shady boots.

Check it:


So here's what supposedly went down when these two got in the same room together following the Finals.

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According to FOX's Jason McIntyre, Draymond went up to Tristan to allegedly try to apologize for his behavior during the Finals. Apparently, Tristan wasn't trying to hear it, but Draymond continued to apologize, saying "Come on, I didn't mean it." Right after he said that, all hell supposedly broke loose. He said Tristan punched Draymond, however Draymond didn't fall.

Peep the tweets:






Well damn. There's also rumors floating around on Twitter that claim LeBron and Kevin broke the fight up. We're not sure how true that is, but it isn't too far fetched being that King James is cool with them both.

Tristan has gone through a lot in the media (all due to his own cheating, f*ck boi behavior) and it sounds like he took all of his frustration out on Draymond...IF Draymond was really sincerely apologizing. Sounds like King James is stuck in a weird place because, friendship.

Photos: Backgrid/Splash/Getty


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