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11 Times Teyana & Iman Were Entire Bedroom BAE Goals

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Since we hardly think about anything other than being a nosy ass fly on their bedroom wall anytime we think about Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert, let's just go with it....

They're #baegoals on a different level.  Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert scream sex without saying a word, and that's why everybody - admit it - sees them as smash-inspo.  We're not even mad at it. 

Here's 11 times one of the sexiest couples on earth made marriage and coupledom look like the hottest thing next to bae doing the dishes:


1.  That shower scene in the "Fade" video.  Yeah, THAT one.

 photo 4586c2ebea7a5496a605deeaf86a17b9_zps9zhiehfg.gif


2. That time when Iman delivered Iman Jr. on the fly, in their home bathroom.  Because when bae takes charge but still breaks down with emotion...*melts*.



3. When Iman threw Teyana a party to celebrate her new Harlem nail shop. Support from bae is always a turn on.


A post shared by Iman. (@imanshumpert) on


4. When they play dress up - in the bedroom or out.

 photo Iman-Shumpert-Halloween-Costume-From-Last-Night_zpsp2sf1d6d.jpg

 photo CwGbHTGXEAA7aY3_zps9mhlkzv1.jpg 

5. When they do beach body battles.

 photo 4th8_zpsyhqln6ok.png  photo ffn_swd_taylorshumpert_exc_062514_51462441_zpshhkvkww0.jpg

6. This chest lick.

 photo Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 5.00.50 PM_zpss40igne9.png


7. When they refuse to keep their dirty talk and love talk off social media.

 photo iman-shumpert-instagram-2_zps6fwe3ylg.png  photo teyana-taylor-and-iman-shumpert-sharing-kisses-1518948082_zpskk0qf4hs.jpg  photo 819b60c9fc403687e777684ce832f29b--iman-shumpert-teyana-taylor_zpsoqaqvu8p.jpg  photo 5528d6fd3ae1b989f75db803b743bdba_zpsiivkffbz.jpg

8. Every time basketball lover Teyana supports her man at his NBA games.

 photo Screen_Shot_2016-08-29_at_4.03.46_PM_zpsflor6qnh.png


9. How they met is straight up goals.


10. When they do shoots like this:


 photo teyana and iman_zpskhnnn9sb.jpg

 photo 2aa-3-5_zpsvzd05nab.png

 photo b14d339193fbf3830ef280e61f589c08_zpst7rf8lph.jpg  photo Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 5.00.40 PM_zpsi90tiv1p.png  photo Teyana-and-Iman_zpsm9inazgp.jpg


11.When they get caught on flirt level 100 and damn near smashing each other at a party:

 photo gettyimages-840035346_zpsxyidkmnu.jpg

 photo f757a7b2a00a368183d90727ae105c76--iman-shumpert-teyana-taylor_zpssxodyhyv.jpg  

 photo teyana-taylor-iman-shumpert_zps6bikqzzi.jpg


"Teyana & Iman" premieres tomorrow night, March 26th, at 9p/8c on VH1.

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