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India Love - The Most Popular IG Model You Might Not Know - Released A Whole Rap Video And Black Twitter Is Black Twitter'ing

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India Love, who you may or may not know from her social media thirst trap comeuppance, is now a rapper.  Let #BlackTwitter tell it, she played herself.  Get into this dragging they just served up inside...

Foolywang material comes in all forms.  And the internets are lighting up reality star/IG model India Love Westbrooks for what they see as foolywang material indeed.

In case you don't know (or don't care) who this chick is, she and her family starred on BET's Kardashianesque-attempt of a reality show "Meet The Westbrooks".  This was after she racked up millions of followers on social media for her T&A-filled thirst trap shots that we now call IG Modeling.

She's also been linked to Rick Ross and a few other folks, so it seems she's ticking off the next box in the Instagram Fame handbook: Become an "artist".

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India has said and done some bird-like things that make Twitter twitchy and annoyed, but as usual, folks think tons of followers equate talent.  So, here we are.

Chick posted a video to her song "she was playing around with in the studio" called "Loco".  She revealed that Will.I.Am, her mentor, is to thank.  We have some questions.  But here it is:


Her "mentor" posted:



It seems India thinks the lyric is about Michael Jordan, though, based on her hand gesture.

Here's what India had to say about it all:

I’ve never been afraid to try new things .. Never have I been one to be put into just one category Never want to limit myself in being able to express myself In any capacity And , I was told that creativity is simply intelligence at Play ..... Here’s a little something that I’ve been playing around with in the studio Just wanted to share blessed to have someone like @iamwill as my mentor and guide along the way

And for those who didn’t know, this was my First song EVER recorded ever in my life.. @iamwill sat me down about a year or so ago from today and told me he wanted me to try something new.. something out of the box and fresh. I didn’t hesitate one bit. I remained patient. Trusted his vision and followed his guidance along the way. Thank you so much for believing in me & allowing me to show the world the Visual Artist I really am.


So, Black Twitter did their thing:


We're done with y'all.


Photos: India's Instagram


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