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Chiefs Baller Roy Miller Gets Cut After Domestic Violence Arrest + Giants' Jonathan Casillas Gets Tackled By Casino Security In Newly Released Video

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One NFL baller has been “waived” from his team after he was arrested on domestic violence charges. Meanwhile, a video of another NFL player involved in a brawl with security as recently surfaced. Get all of the details inside…


Kansas City Chiefs baller Roy Miller was arrested on domestic violence charges and now the team he plays for no longer wants him. The organization announced that Roy has been waived from the team.

According to Fox 4 News, the 30-year-old defensive tackle arrested early Saturday (November 11th) in Jacksonville, Florida on a domestic battery charge. Apparently, Roy and his wife, Nicole, got into an altercation and she claims he pulled a braid out of her hair and hit her in the face.

Below are the details of what allegedly happened:

A police report states that officers were called to a home where police met Miller's wife, Nicole. She said she and Roy went on a date night to the Jacksonville Zoo. She said Roy left before her in an Uber. She later took her own Uber back home and found that he had not yet arrived.

When Roy came home, they began to argue about where he had been, which eventually escalated to a physical confrontation. She said the 6-foot-1, 320 lb. Chiefs player grabbed her by the hair and began pushing her around, and at some point struck her in the face, leaving a small abrasion to her face and had a braid ripped out of the back of her head. Her shirt was nearly ripped completely off her body, the report says.

She said Roy threw her phone in the toilet and physically restrained her from retrieving it. When she was finally able to get the phone and call police, she said Roy called her son into their bedroom and barricaded himself inside.

To make matters worse, their children were reportedly in the home during the altercation.

Before the Chiefs decided to waive Roy, they issued a statement following the incident saying: “This morning we were informed about an incident involving one of our players, Roy Miller. We are still in the process of gathering details on the situation. We will have no further comment at this time.”

When a player is waived from a team, the other 31 teams have a day to make a claim on him. The team with the highest spot in the waiver order is then awarded that player..IF a team still wants him.

Same ish, different day. When are they going to learn to keep their hands off women?!

Speaking of ballers causing drama...


New York Giants baller Jonathan Casillas got into a scuffle with 5 security officers back in 2012. It remained under the radar…until now.

A clip of the scuffle just recently surfaced where it shows the linebacker tussling with 5 security officers at an Atlantic City casino. They had a hard time keeping him contained. It’s unclear what sparked the altercation, but you can see Jonathan is PISSED about something. Check it out above.

TMZ snooped around and found a few deets about the situation:

  • It happened at 6 AM on May 12, 2012 at the Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City
  •  Before the video begins, Casillas was pissed ... and walked outside to cool off. You see him throw a potted plant across the valet area.
  • Casillas went back inside and was confronted by several security officers. Things get testy, Casillas tucks his chain, a security officer shoves Casillas and Casillas shoves back
  • Things went nuclear from there. 5 guys tried to take Casillas down. They struggled, but eventually got him to the ground. He was handcuffed and detained.
  • Two Atlantic City PD officers were involved.

It doesn’t appear to be any criminal charges filed, but sources tell the site a civil suit was filed. No word on if it was settled or not.

Photo: Jacksonville Police

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