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F*** BOI MATERIAL: Steelers Baller Le’Veon Bell Allegedly Got RAMS Cheerleader PREGNANT While Engaged To Pregnant Fiancé

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If this isn’t a f*** boi, we don’t know what is. Pittsburgh Steelers player Le’Veon Bell allegedly got a former RAMS cheerleader pregnant while his fiancée Mercedes Dollson was about 8-months pregnant with their child. Ugh. More inside…

Another day, another f*** boi story.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell is out in these streets doing the absolute most. The NFLer allegedly got another woman pregnant while he was engaged to a woman named Mercedes Dollson. The other woman is allegedly a former RAMS cheerleader named Cherise.

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For the last four years, Le’Veon and Mercedes (above, with their daughter) have been in a relationship and they welcomed their daughter in January 2017. There has been talk that Le’Veon keeps a new chick around, but now it’s rumored he may have impregnated one of them.

Word on the curb is that Cherise recently gave birth to a son that is believed to be Le’Veon’s. They allegedly hooked up back in November when Cherise flew out to Pittsburgh. Oh, and it gets worse. It’s alleged that he and Cherise had sex in the home he shared with his former fiancée while she was visiting family in California. Whet?! Chile…

And get this. If you look at the timelines of when these babies were born, it means he got Cherise pregnant while Mercedes was about 7-8 months pregnant. Gross.

Not only that, another woman came forward saying she was messing around with Le’Veon around the same time and he allegedly told her that Mercedes was only living with him to watch his dogs. He also supposedly denied his daughter. We can’t.

Alleged receipts below:



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Needless to say, Mercedes left him:



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Like we said, LeVeon's alleged son with Cherise was supposedly born this week. Here are a few subliminal tweets Mercedes has been posting recently:









So effed up!

Photos: Getty/Mercedes' Twitter

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