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Here's Why The New Miss USA 2017 Kára McCullough Is Being Called The New Stacey Dash

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She may be a scientist by trade, but her take on social issues like feminism and healthcare have people calling her clueless.  Get into the drama surrounding new Miss USA 2017 Kára McCullough...

Oh Kára!

She's smart as hell (she's a chemist for U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for f's sake), but these answers about feminism and whether healthcare is a right or a privilege seemed to be anything but.  At least, that's what plenty of folks are saying this morning.

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While folks were ecstatic to see a YBF chick win the crown for the second year in a row (she makes history as the first back-to-back win from D.C. too!), Miss DC USA Kára McCullough's opinions made folks snatch back their praise EXTRA quickly.

The role of Miss USA is to represent our country at the Miss Universe pageant, and to travel the country spreading charity and positive messages to communities of people -- from children to sports to beyond.  So, the message and opinions a woman in this position carries does matter in some sense.

Needless to say, when Kára – who was a member of National Society of Black Engieneers (NSBE) in college at South Carolina State University – gave Q&A answers that are typically favored by conservatives, right wing republicans and men, it took plenty by surprise.

During the Q&A segment, Kára was asked whether healthcare was a right or a privilege.  Here's her answer:



When she was asked if she considers herself a feminist, she basically shot feminism down as a negative concept and said she's an "equalist" instead.  (Equal rights is literally the definition of feminism, but OK girl.)


Twitter lit her up, as you would expect:

 photo Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.23.27 AM_zpswi5qhzdq.png  photo Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.22.52 AM_zpsa4kdry2d.png

 photo _96059918_mediaitem96059917_zpswwjubnsz.jpeg   photo _96057557_mediaitem96057556_zpsslqh2qny.jpeg 


But, of course, she also had her supporters:

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 photo _96059922_mediaitem96059921_zps6ythpd2e.jpeg

 photo _96060267_mediaitem96059925_zpsi5a674ep.jpeg

The fact that Miss USA Pageant was started by Donald Trump may or may not have an effect on the types of answers the contestants give, especially considering the pageant has been accused of glorifying women as objects. For example, the pageant decided to keep the bikini swimsuit competition when some others have gotten rid of it.

By the way, all 5 black contestants made it to the Top 10 and 3 YBF chicks made the Final 5.

 photo C_1ICWSU0AANpVC_zpsoa5ysfrs.jpeg

Congrats to them as well!


 photo 2017MissUSACompetition5bGNHEFFvuRl_zpsfmkrito3.jpeg

If you're still here for the new Miss USA, get to know her below:




Happy Mother's Day to the strongest woman on earth. You never allowed your circumstances to define or control you. I often think about how you raised and loved three children that aren't biologically yours. And when people asked you how many kids you have you proudly respond, "Five." That's a true testament of a mother's love. Thank you for taking me and my siblings around the world to experience worldwide culture. Thank you for having my back even when I was wrong. Thank you for teaching me to never limit myself. Thank you for calling me every morning to talk before class and work. Thank you for instilling qualities of a leader, team player, and lover. I love you forever and always. Just know everyday is YOURS. I LOVE YOU.

A post shared by Kára McCullough (@missdcusa) on


Mom, bless your heart for the happiness you put in mine. #Missingmymom

A post shared by Kára McCullough (@missdcusa) on

BONUS: The gorgeous and gracious Deshauna Barber took her last walk last night as Miss USA 2016, all while rocking her bomb natural hair:



Photos: Getty/Twitter

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