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HE'S OUT: Desiigner Is Out Of Jail, Makes Extra Hype Post-Jail Video Saying...Something

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Rapper Desiigner is out of lock up, and he's already on social media going off about "they".  The latest on his arrest and which charges were dropped inside...



A video posted by Desiigner (@lifeofdesiigner) on


Desiigner -- government name Sidney Royel Selby -- came out out of jail hype as ever today after his araignment, and we probably shouldn't have expected anything less.  He said THEY TRIED and now he's out. 

We're not 100% sure of everything else he said, but we did catch him scoffing at the charges saying, "We aint gotta sell pills no more."

The Intent to Sell charge may not necessarily mean you were caught selling, but that you had a certain amount -- usually a large amount -- of the product in your possession and it crosses the threshold for authorities to say you could possibly have the intent to sell.



The highly excitable rapper was arrested in front of a Times Square area Foot Locker Thursday night on several gun and drug charges a few days ago, and was in custody up until today.  He was reportedly released on his own recognizance.

Cops arrested Desiigner and four people who were riding with him in an SUV after a road rage incident.  Cops found, searched and seized the vehicle after the driver of the other car involved in the incident gave them the SUV's license plate number.  Desiigner and co. were arrested on charges of possession of a loaded weapon, menacing, and possession of controlled substances and Intent to Sell.

As for the drugs found in the car, authorities said at the hearing there were 57 green pills, 78 white pills and 139 round white pills.Also, a duffel bag of controlled substances were found.

The D.A. dropped the gun charges because no gun was found, and the original charge stemmed from the other driver claiming Desiigner and co. pointed a loaded gun at him.



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