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Katt Williams Allegedly Assaulted 5 Women In SECOND Arrest This Week! + Orlando Brown Vlogs His Court Appearance

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Somebody please come and get Katt Williams!  He wasn't arrested just one time this week, he was actually arrested a second time for allegedly assaulting a group of women!  We've got the deets inside, plus Orlando Brown facing up to his domestic violence charge....

Remember when Katt Williams was arrested on Monday for punching a Georgia pool store owner?  Well, that wasn't his only arrest this week!  He also allegedly started wilin' out on a group of five black women, and guns were involved.

ft when one woman in the group started videoing.

It's a case of he said vs. she said.  The AJC reports:

When one of the women with Boston began filming Williams, he got angry and started fighting them, according to the report.

Boston told police Williams punched her, pointed a gun at the group and took the women’s cellphones at one point.

According to the police report, Williams refutes Boston’s account of what happened.

He said the group of women started harassing, filming and taking pictures of him without his consent.

They then “became irate” and snatched a chain from his neck, which led Williams to start a fight with the group, according to the report.

His security team saw what was happening and allegedly approached the women.

At one point in the incident, one of the women said “she was going to her car to get something to pop somebody,” Williams told police.

A member of Williams’ entourage then took a firearm out and sat it down on a concrete post, according to the report.

A damn mess.

Attorney Hale also called out Atlanta PD for not investigating properly.  The police's response:

“Upon responding to the scene, the officers were not able to determine what occurred due to conflicting testimony by all parties and a lack of an independent witness,” Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard said. “Based on the information they had in real time and the totality of the circumstances, the officer used their discretion to not arrest anyone on the scene.”


Speaking of that Monday arrest, Katt did a video explaining why he did "what a black men had to do."  Check it below:


In other news, Orlando Brown went to court today and decided to Vlog it all...and it was pure foolishness.  He was facing the judge on those charges stemming from his arrest from last month.

While asking his wife "Baby did I beat you," he seemed quite....off.

She said "No" for what it's worth.  Orlando went on to video his meeting with his public defender (chile...) and mentioned he's facing charges of Grand Theft and Trespassing.  He still denies any domestic violence occured and explained the DV charge was simply due to him breaking a window. His lawyer explains further in the video:

His wife also went off about girls trying to slide in Orlando's DMs.  Really?

What went wrong Eddie?  Like, in life?




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Photo: AP

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