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Toya Wright Addresses Husband Memphitz’s “8 Day Hall Pass” To Cheat + Random Chick CLAIMS Fetty Wap Allegedly Knocked Her Up & Disappeared

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Toya Wright is speaking out about giving her estranged husband Memphitz a “8 day hall pass” to cheat. Hmph. Find out what she said and get the latest ratchetry news involving Fetty Wap and another alleged baby mama inside…

Chile…if you tuned in to Toya Wright and her estranged husband Memphitz on BRAVO's “Untying the Knot” last night you probably gave Toya the uber side-eye…or even a “bish whet?!”

In the opening credits, Toya and Memphitz, who tied the knot in 2011, gave a run down on how/why their relationship dissolved and what led them divorce. It seems to have all boiled down to his ex-girlfriend K. Michelle’s abuse allegations.

Once K began slandering his name, the self-proclaimed superstar A&R lost his job, which launched the beginning of the end of his marriage. Memphitz blamed Toya for his life spiraling out of control because she didn’t want him to go on “LAHH” to address the abuse allegations. He said after that, she just wasn’t the supportive wife he needed in his corner so he left. And then Toya initiated the divorce.

After they got all that out of the way, they sat down with a mediator to help them divide their belongings. During their chat, the mediator asked Memphitz if he had ever cheated on his wife and he responds, "No, not without my hall pass." Oh?

He then explains, "She gives me 8 days a year to do what I want to do no questions asked." Check it:



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Well, Toya wants everyone to know it's not what it seems. She said her response to that comment was edited out:


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We would LOVE to know her real response to this foolishness. While that has yet to surface, the couple's nemesis K. Michelle had plenty to say. She hopped on Twitter and tweeted:

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She then hopped on Instagram to write:

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Chick is glad she dodged that bullet.

In foolywang material....

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Rapper Fetty Wap has had his fair share of online baby mama drama. And it appears there’s more. Allegedly.

A chick named Tiara Yvonne hopped on Instagram to blast the New Jersey rapper for ALLEGEDLY knocking her up and then changing his number on her. Word on the curb is that they met through Instagram earlier this year and soon after she got pregnant. He allegedly changed his number and was ghost. It's unclear she had got an abortion or not.

Then, he supposedly came back in September as he made his rounds on tour, they got up, had fun and then he dipped off again. Sighs…

Peep her receipts (if you can stand it all) below:

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This is #TeamTooMuch! Are we believing it?



Photos: Toya's Twitter & IG/K. Michelle's Twitter & IG/Instagram

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