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RECEIPTS: Tyga LEASED Kylie Jenner's Ferrari....But He Put It In Her Name?

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We've got more on Tyga and Kylie's Ferrari drama.....and it's turning into a smoke & mirrors ratchet rap drama.  More inside....

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A few days ago, rapper Tyga made headlines after he made a huge presentation to his girlfriend Kylie Jenner in front of a group of their friends.  You'll recall that he presented her with a Ferrari 482 Italia (valued at $320,000) outside of Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood.  Presented as if he copped it FOR her for her birthday.  A few messy folks around the net -- and in our comments -- jokingly said she paid for her own gift. 

Well...it turns out that Tyga actually leased the vehicle...but he put it in Kylie's name. So she MAY end up paying for her own gift if Tyga defaults on the lease payment. A source told RADAR,  "He leased it. He couldn't afford to actually buy one for her."

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Why is that a big deal? Because there are rumors that Tyga is broke, and worth only $4 million (broke by Kardashian and some rappers' standards).  Not to mention he has a seriously hefty lawsuit (or two) hanging over his head.

Another source told RADAR ONLINE, "The whole family is concerned Tyga is trying to get his hands on Kylie's money. Being part of her life, it allowing him to go on crazy vacations and get free stuff thrown at him from everyone."

SMH....You'll recall that Tyga has also had several issues with his Calabasas landlord.  Hmm....maybe he should just "live" at his barely legal girlfriend Kylie's house. 

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