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Jada Pinkett Smith Likes To See Will With Other Women....She's a Voyeur!

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Zoe Kravitz proves that she got the best of her parents' genes in the latest issue of Ocean Drive Magazine.  See her gorgeous photoshoot inside and listen to Jada Pinkett Smith reveal why she gets turned on by husband Will's on-camera love scenes.


Zoe Kravtiz, the eccentric and stunning daughter of actress Lisa Bonet and rocker Lenny Kravitz landed the latest cover of OCEAN DRIVE magazine.  Inside the March 2015 issue, the Lolawolf frontwoman opens up about her famous parents who she says are still really close and their blended family who she say her dad loves dearly.

Elsewhere in the article, Zoe, who spent her teeage years in Miami (where this mag is based) with her dad, dishes on her red-hot career (she's starring in the both Mad Max: Fury Road & Insurgent) and opens up about fame. Here are the highlights:

On becoming famous: "I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who come from very normal lives and all of a sudden become famous. I’ve been lucky enough to dip my toe in it and feel the water before I got in the pool."

On what Lisa and Lenny think about her band Lolawolf: "At first, they were like, ‘Oh, what is this?’ which is how everyone reacts to it. The music is kind of weird and different. It’s good when you can’t describe it right away or put a genre to it; it represents me well. Now my mom plays it in the house and my dad is super proud."

On how her parents encourage her artistic side: "It’s always what I’ve done, before I even had a real understanding of how the rest of the world saw my parents. My dad was always really supportive. My mom always wanted to make sure that this is what I really wanted to do before being in the public eye myself. They knew that’s genuinely who I am — I don’t know what else I would do if I wasn’t creating."

On the Mad Max remake: “Aesthetically, it was the most beautiful, creative thing I have ever seen. It was really crazy and surreal and intense—we were out in the desert in the middle of nowhere, and all of a sudden, there’d be fire and bullets flying at us. It’s Mad Max, so it was definitely some gnarly shit we were doing.”

On forming a relationship with her dad after her parents divorced: “My mom told me that it was important for me to spend time with him. I’m sure it was hard, but she took it like a champ....
“Those are really strange years (attending Miami Country Day School from 11-15) that weird in-between place between being an adult and a kid.  I associate my time in Miami with that."

On their blended family: “It makes things so easy that my parents are still very close, they have so much love for each other. My dad and my step-dad [actor Jason Mamoa] get along really well, and my dad loves and is close with my brother and sister. It’s really beautiful. As long as everyone can be in the same room together, and have love for each other, it’s totally healthy.”

On fame: “I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who come from very normal lives and all of a sudden become famous. I’ve been lucky enough to dip my toe in it and feel the water before I got in the pool.”

Read the full article here and more pics:

In other news....


During a red carpet interview with  Extra during the Focus premiere last night, Jada Pinkett Smith made a shocking revelation: She likes to see Will with other women!  We'll explain...

Will is headed to the big screen alongside actress Margot Robbie in FOCUS (in theaters on Friday, see last night's Hollywood red carpet premiere pics here) and they "get busy" in the film. But that didn't bother Jada....she liked it. Here's how the exchange went down....

After 20 years… I actually, you know…” Will jumped, “She a little freaky like that.” Jada continued, “Unfortunately, he’s right. It’s kind of a nice voyeuristic way to see your man, but I am kind of weird in that way. That’s a whole other conversation.”

Ohhh......Will and Jada have 50 shades of lovin'.


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