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Lance Gross Shoots Sexy "50 Shades Of Bae" Photos With Rob Riley, Angela Simmons & Terrence J

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Actor and photographer Lance Gross blesses us with a sizzling 50 Shades Of Grey-inspired photoshoot where "Hit The Floor" star Rob Riley takes his shirt off.  Get ready to swoon inside....

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Actor, photographer (and new Dad) Lance Gross might inspire a few baby-making sessions with his sensuous new photo project "Fifty Shades Of Bae." The talented cutie shot a campaign for the upcoming S&M/bondage flick Fifty Shades Of Grey (in theaters on Valentine's Day) and enlisted a slew of YBF celebs to smize for the camera.  The project was blessed AND done in conjunction with Universal. 

 photo baeg11.jpg

Thankfully, he enlisted "Hit The Floor" star Rob Riley for the shoot. While we admit that Rob knows how to rock a tailored-suit, with that mouth action...and that drink-on-lips pose...

 photo baeg13.jpg

...and looks good in a t-shirt...

 photo baeg8.jpg

...we prefer him shirtless.


And Lance called on a few femme fatales too....

 photo baeg1.jpg

 photo baeg10.jpg

Angela Simmons (who's working on a new faux fur line) showed off her smoking bod in a series of shots.

 photo baeg2.jpg

We're not mad at Angela.

 photo baeg5.jpg

If you've got it....flaunt it.


Look who else posed....

 photo baeg6.jpg

Sexy E! News correspondent and actor Terrence J gave Lance's lens a few smoldering looks. 

 photo baeg3.jpg

  photo baeg7.jpg

We're not sure if Terrence partakes in S&M in real life....but he looks very comfortable holding onto the props.  We're just saying....

Check out more of the shoot over on Lance's website.


Photos via Lance Gross Photography

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