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SPEAKING OUT: Janay Rice Says She's "Saddened" By Twitter Trolls & Ray Rice-Inspired Domestic Violence Halloween Costume

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 photo jpegbal-ray-rice-marries-janay-palmer-amid-assault-001.jpg

Janay Rice has expressed her feelings about the Halloween costume that makes a mockery of her domestic dispute with husband Ray.  See what she said inside... 


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Halloween sometimes brings out the worst in people.  Every year, our Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines are hit with folks dressing up in Blackface (because it's still funny to some) or other offensive costumes in the search of a few laughs.  The photo above shows a new entry into the world of tasteless costumes via the Ray and Janay Rice elevator abuse video. 

While Ray and his legal team fight for his right to return to the NFL, Janay is fighting her own battle...online.  Recently she responded back to a Twitter troll who suggested that her domestic dispute happened because she married a Black man and THEN she was confronted with the costume above taking over her timeline.  Here's what she said... 

 photo kjnoiin.png


We can only imagine the position Janay Rice is in..... having to deal with this in a very public manner.  We hope people stay away from this costume and recognize that domestic violence is not a laughing matter. 



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Photos via Janay RIce's Twitter/Reddit

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