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Fan Gets MAD When K. Michelle Turns Down Pic, Calls K. A “Monster” & K. Snaps Back Calling Her A "Monkey"!

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After rebuffing a fan’s “photo request”, K. Michelle popped off on Instagram with a war of words that had K calling the fan a “monkey” and the fan crying “monster”! See their exchange inside…..


Sunday night, K Michelle (shown above with "Lavish Life" owner Nema Kamar and co-star Yandy Smith) "shut down" New York City with a sold-out show at Stage Forty8.  But her "shut down" antics on Saturday evening has one of her REBEL AGAINST fans gagging.

While promoting her successful disc Rebellious Soul, we followed K's "Rebel Against" campaign which had fans "rebelling" against negativity.  One popular issue was "Rebel Against Bullying". So....K's alleged behavior on Saturday evening may have her fans scratching their heads.

Today, a fan of the "LAHH NY" star reached out to TheYBF.com and complained about an incident that allegedly happened at Ricardo's Steakhouse, a popular eatery in Spanish Harlem (often frequented by former "BBW" star Jennifer Williams, Jim Jones and more).  The "VSOP" is a regular at the restaurant and has been seen filming scenes for "LAHH NY" at the eatery, this according to the owner whom we spoke to.  

On Saturday, K was at Ricardo's with her bestie Nema (whom she's been seen filming with) and Yandy.  The fan (who was celebrating a birthday) asked  for an autograph and was rebuffed in a very rude manner!

The fan (@ilovejonise) felt some kind of way and posted this on K's Instagram underneath a pic K. posted from that night:

 photo kmichelleinsult1.jpg

Fans of "LAHH ATL" know that K Michelle has a way with words and is not one to let snarky comments or remarks slide.  She replied:


Yes.....K Michelle called her "monkey looking" AND told her to get a new weave supplier! 

The insulted told us....

"Do you think it's right that after all that African American's have been through, an African American Reality TV star should be able to refer to me, a young African American Woman as a monkey just because I respectively voiced my opinion about her neglecting a fan? She's a monster."

While we RESPECT K Michelle's right to a night of privacy, was calling the fan "monkey looking" POSSIBLY out of line?  We have to ask, was K. Michelle a bit harsh? 

Though the fan didn't get a pic of K, the singer did post a few pics of herself and her friends after they left Ricardo's (above).  It looks like they had a fun night!  

We reached out to K's label reps for a response to the comments and have not heard back yet.


Photos via K Michelle's Instagram


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