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FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Trifling Nashville Man Fathers 22 Children With 14 Women, Tells The Women (Sometimes BEFOREHAND) He CAN’T AFFORD Child Support!

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It's a real life WeTv-style reality show! A Nashville, TN man showed up to family court trying to explain why he fathered 22 children with 14 women and can’t pay child support. Watch the dude explain why taxpayers have to feed his brood inside….

If you thought the reality show “All My Babies Mamas” starring Shawty Lo was a far-fetched concept, meet Orlando Shaw. Orlando, who's from Nashville, TN, has gone viral for SURPASSING Shawty Lo’s previous "record" of 11 kids with 10 mothers by boasting 22 kids with 14 women (whom he NEVER married).

So how does a man support 22 children? He doesn’t. In fact, the state of Tennessee supports his offspring (to the tune of $7,000 a month). 

After a child support hearing in family court, NewsChannel 5 asked the trifling playboy how he ended up in this situation, and he told them, “I was young and ambitious and I love women. You can’t knock no man for loving women.”  Wouldn't knock a man for using a Magnum either...

But if you think Orlando’s behavior was irresponsible, he made it clear that he’s not paying attention to what other folks think (although it’s the taxpayers who pay for his mistakes): 'I love my kids and I can care less about what anyone thinks about it”.

Back to the child support....Orlando explained that he can’t afford to take care of his kids because no one will hire someone with a criminal record. His bad!

He hopes that someone will give him a second chance, but he admitted, "To be honest....nothing comes to a dreamer."  He added, "But...I play the hell out of Tennessee lottery."  Deep sigh.

When asked if he planned to get a vasectomy, Orlando wouldn’t say “Yes” outright, but he insinuated that it's something he's strongly considering. We just want to know if the state of Tennessee would have to pay for that too.

Watch the full foolywangery here

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