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Soulja Boy's "Red Bentley" was impounded by LAPD after incriminating videos and pictures of the car fleeing a hit and run were discovered. Get the deets inside...


Rapper Soulja Boy (shown above in a recent IG photo of his "Red Bentley") had his car impounded after the vehicle was implicated in a hit and run.

TMZ reports that a red Bentley collided with a motorcycle driver on January 8 and was seen fleeing the scene, leaving the driver severely injured.  Meanwhile, the Bentley's driver might have gotten away with the crime if it weren't for the detective work of the victim's friend.

The "friend" combed the area for anyone who could point-out the driver and it didn't take long for a valet at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles to determine that Soulja Boy, who recorded a song called "Red Bentley" , was the owner of the vehicle.

And to make sure the "Red Bentley" belonged to the rapper, the LAPD used their database of hidden cameras (which unknowingly takes random pictures of the city 24/7) to match the car's license plates to a red Bentley with "damage that corresponded to the accident."

Of course, Soulja had already gotten the car repaired after the hit and run, but the surveillance photos don't lie!  Fast forward....the cops obtained a search warrant and now an investigation is underway.

Somebody's ALWAYS watching....

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