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[NSFW] "Love & Hip Hop ATL" Star Joseline Tweets Her NAKED PIC....So You Know She's Real + Her CRIMINAL PAST!

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"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Joseline Hernandez is determined to make a name for her self and take rumors on tit first.  So after catching nonstop flack about her possibly being a man...the 34-year-old ex-stripper/"artist" had to Tweet all her girly bits to let you know it's real.  But did it work?


Check out the obviously NSFW naked (and now deleted) pic inside...

Oh Joseline.  If only you knew that your fake massive tennis balls have actually made people believe even more that there's a man amongst the female cast.

The wannabe rap/pop artist who admits to cheating with and banging co-star & producer Stevie J, is showing the world her naked body late last night.  Apparently she wised up and deleted the pic, but not before it was captured for us to put on blast this morning:



Joseline put her Miami stripper money to use and got herself a boobjob.  And her overly made up look on the show may be the reason folks think she looks a bit...mannish.

So can we put the Jose Is A Man rumors to rest now?  Or did she just make the ish worse?  Especially since most--if not all--of her responses to the pic on Twitter were that folks still didn't believe her.


Meanwhile...Joseline, BKA Shenellica Bettencourt, has a criminal past.  Sounds like we have a possible new Marlo Hampton on our hands with all these secret arrests.  One was for Lewd & Lascivious Behavior in Miami back in 2003.  And if you didn't know, that's usually code for prostitution.

And it wasn't her first arrest. 

I'm sure more ish will be falling from the shakedown tree....

Source: Twitter/HSK

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