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Kimora BLASTS Story That She Recently Starved Herself+Nas Gets FUNNY

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If you've been noticing her recent slim down, you're not the only one.  Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou made some press rounds recently as she reinvents her KLS/FABULOSITY brand.  And when talking about her recent weight loss to a certain media reporter, she claims they took her words far out of context claiming she starved herself to lose 25 pounds.


Ki Ki lashes out when you read on....

Kimora took to her own personal blog this morning to go off about PopEater's new interview with her where they quote her as saying she "didn't eat" in order to lose 25 pounds.  The reporter quoted Ki (who always jokes a lot and is very sarcastic) saying:

"I have shed the fat by not eating," Kimora half-jokingly tells me. "But I don't like to tell the kids that so they think they shouldn't eat. No, I watch my portions, and I eat leaner proteins and vegetables and stuff like that."

The gorgeous Missouri native was in a giving mood during our afternoon rendezvous, so she listed her food intake for the entire day.

"So I woke up this morning and ordered breakfast at 4 AM. I had egg whites scrambled, spinach, turkey bacon and a glass of orange juice," she said, noting she skipped lunch. "The reason I had such a big breakfast is because I hadn't eaten in two days. I've had fruit, I've had a smoothie, I've had a protein bar, but it's not like I've had Doritos."

"I was out one night with two famous sisters" -- Kimora asked that I not reveal the identity of the young reality stars -- "when a bunch of burgers were being passed around. I went to grab one and the two of them looked shocked. They said, 'We don't eat.' Then after I grabbed a burger, they said they were joking but I knew they weren't!"

But the former model, who naturally gained a bit of weight with her third child Kenzo, fired back this morning saying she never starved herself at all.  And it took her a year to shed the weight, by dieting and exercising.

I just wanted to take a moment to address a story about my recent weight loss that began circulating today. This story led people to believe that I shed 25 lbs by not eating, which is completely ridiculous. I am a mother of three young children, two of whom are girls and I’m trying to raise them with a healthy body image. It’s taken me almost a year to lose close to 25 lbs and I did it through healthy diet and exercise. So yes, I’m a bit smaller, but still curvy and 100% healthy and proud of my body and the time it has taken me to undergo this personal journey for myself. I’m not one of those “superstar moms” who lost all their baby weight in a week. So, yes, I’m upset about the innuendo because I just can’t win. In the past year there have been numerous rumors about my weight — first I was attacked for being a size 10, now I’m anorexic? I’m a real woman and I represent real women. I believe that people are beautiful at any size, color or weight. The way this article was promoted is unfortunate — what a silly way to sensationalize a story, especially when you know young people will be reading it. There must be more accountability in reporting, especially considering the far reaching impact on girls and young women who are exposed to this kind of misleading information on a daily basis. What kind of example is that setting for them?

That sucks to be misquoted on something so influential and that is such a sensitive topic on a naional scale--especially when you have your own two young daughters.  While I'm sure Kimora is no stranger to doing crazy things in her model days in order to maintain a certain weight, what she appears to clearly stand for now is healthy living and giving, having a fabulous life, and only setting the best example for her children.  I'm glad she spoke up.


On a lighter note, Nas stars in Funny or Die's newest skit.  Nas as a ghost--funny.


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