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DO WE LOVE IT: Nicki Minaj's New Catsuit...& New Lapdance Receiver

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Nicki Minaj rocked a new catsuit for her I Am Music II tour stop in Orlando, Florida last night.  And she even offered up her usual lap dance to a different persuasion this time.


Pics and video of Nicki's pink lady lumps when you read on....

After wearing this gettup earlier this week, chick donned herself in pink, purple, and gold last night--from hair to toe.  And folks are back up to their chitter chatter about those cakes of hers.  The debate seems to come up every now and then around whether Nicki has butt pads, injections, or no additions at all.

And it seems like she's wearing these catsuits to cause that stir herself:

Your thoughts?  By the way, she switched up her usual lapdance receiver from a fella out the audience--or Lil Wayne--to one of her female Barbz from the audience.

She said, "The girls are always way more excited."  


Check it.

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