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Mary Harvey Talks To Tom Joyner About Making PEACE With Steve [AUDIO]

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Tom Joyner has been rumored to not get along with fellow nationally syndicated radio host Steve Harvey.  And now that Tom had Steve's ex, Mary Harvey, on his Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning, their relationship and rivalry may get even more strained, or may strengthen instead.


Check out our highlights and full audio of Mary's interview where she discussed the details surrounding Steve taking their son Wynton from her, whether she's willing to work things out amicably, lawsuits, what it would take for her to stop airing him out, and her health problems stemming from how Steve has treated her....

Tom Joyner (TJ) he invited Mary Harvey on his show and the interview went down this morning.  And Mary revealed even more details about the foolishness going on with her ex, Steve.  But Tom made it known that he did not invite her on the show to continue talking about her personal business.  He said:

“We don’t like to keep mess going! We want to solve mess, because, if we can, or move on from mess, if we can.”

TJ said invited Mary on show to plead with her about coming to some kind of settlement instead of publicly washing her dirty laundry.  He said what Mary and Steve are going through is affecting the entire community as we now have a Black president, so we are judged by a different standard. Hmm. 

Anywho, here are the highlights from the interview:

  • -TJ asked Mary what it would take to settle this and how he could help. He offered to set up a sit-down--no lawyers or mediators--between just her and Steve.
  • -Mary explains that the reason she has been quiet this entire time is because she did take into consideration what it would do to her, her family, and the community. Over the period of staying quiet she has suffered physically. She is not in good health right now. She thinks when people (Steve) are representing the community they should be held to a higher standard.
  • -Mary said there have been several attempts to rectify the situation. She felt like it was her obligation to give the public a different choice so that they could make an informed opinion about what was going on.
  • -Mary makes it clear that she has NO lawsuits. All lawsuits are coming from his side.
  • -Mary wants an apology and she says that it should be given to the women that have been deceived into buying the books, and who have been deceived into seeing this person (Steve) is a pillar in the community.
  • -Mary says if he drops the lawsuits and makes the apology, that would satisfy her.
  • -TJ makes it clear that Steve is “still doing some good”.
  • -Mary says that she has no doubt that her ex is “still doing some good.” She attempts to explain by comparing this to a victim of rape standpoint. Mary says that it would be like someone who has been raped and hasn’t had closure from her attacker. People telling her to move on is the same as saying 'this rapist is doing good to the community.' Mary feels she is representing all the women in the community who can’t speak out.
  • -Mary said she would stop airing him out.  This (TJ Morning Show) was her last time she's speaking on it.The message is out.
  • -Mary is on a mission to represent women who have been silenced by their husbands and ex-husbands on every level of their life. This is happening to the women whose husband is the manager at a local store. You don’t have to be married to a mogul to be going through something like this. Her other concern is that her son is learning through Steve that women are tools to be used, and that it's no good to support a wife who has supported you forever.  And when you want to change that situation you can just go to someone else that’s actually responsible for the break-up (MARJORIE).
  • -Mary has seen Wynton 1 time since June of last year. When asked why, she stated that the person in power (Steve) can do whatever he wants. Mary has talked to Wynton 3 times in the last 6 months. And Wynton does not have permission to call her.
  • -Mary has to take a bag full of pills. For her heart, anxiety,etc.
  • -TJ asks if he can get Steve and Mary alone in a room to talk and settle this matter. Mary agreed to do it.
  • -Co-host Sybil told Mary: “No more videos, no more nothing else, you just want closure in terms of your life and your sons life.“


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