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FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Flavor Flav Announces New Vodka And Fried Chicken Line

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Crown prince of the foolywang reality tv genre, Flavor Flav, has gone all high-brow on us and is developing a line of wines and flavored vodkas.  And if that isn't enough, he's going to give the Food Network a run for their money with his own fried chicken line too.  Deets inside... 


Flavor Flav has announced that he is creating a line of FLAVORed vodka and fried chicken.  Yes...you read that correctly.

The Public Enemy rapper recently said,

"I've got the Flavor Flav flavored vodkas and a range of wine coming with my lyrics on the back," Flava said, according to the dailystar.com. And the chicken?, "It's called FFC and the Colonel better watch out."

This might not be a bad idea.  Maybe he could even have chicken that's fried in a vodka batter (you fancy huh?) or chicken flavored vodka (which could be used in the kitchen for pasta and stew).  He may soon be shutting B. Smith's down, y'all. 

So, next time you're standing in the middle of your neighborhood's fine wine and liquor section... are you buying vodka and fried chicken from Mr. Flav?

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