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VIDEO HOAX?: Raz-B Outs Marques Houston For Sexing Him While Underage?!

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So this crazy video of Raz-B "leaked" on the net.  And it shows Raz popping off on Marques Houston--who he's allegedly talking to on the phone--about Marques calling Raz "bi-polar" in the media.


Check the video and Raz outing Marques when you read on...

The whole B2K/Chris Stokes sex saga just doesn't end.  A year or so ago, Raz B went missing and was inolved in sex drama with former manager Chris Stokes.  Allegedly a lot of underage sex went down during the Immature/B2K days.

And now, here's Raz yelling on the phone (supposedly Marques is on the other end) confronting Marques about the lies Omarion has allegedly been telling folks about Raz.

Raz then called Marques a b*tch and revealed he had sex with Raz when Raz was under 18.  Sigh.

Why do we think this could possibly be an attention hoax?  Because no one is checking for Raz-B anymore and he his new music video "Let's Make This" that just dropped today.  What better way to get people interested than to cause some controversy and drama around it?

Oh, and did we mention the thirsty and barely credible Kat Stacks is his Twitter BFF?  He Tweeted the other day that we should all watch out for he and Kat's "movement".  Um, I'll pass. 

Honestly, even for someone to come up with a hoax like this shows they have some issues in life.  Either way, hoax or real, this ish is a mess.


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