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T.I. Lost 'Focus', Debuts New Video + Chris Paul Wants A Trade

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The New Orleans Hornets have a crisis situation with star point guard Chris Paul.  Plus T.I. lost some of his 'positive focus' while in prison and his new video when you read on...


T.I. has been spotted everywhere since his release from prison. However, that doesn't mean everything is good for the rapper. In an interview with Complex Magazine, T.I. says that his prison stint caused him to lose positive focus.

"It did make me worse in a sense. ... Putting me in prison took me off [a positive] path a little bit, and now I'm working to get back on that path — or at least back on the path to the extent that I was before I went in, " says T.I.

He continued to say, "I lost a little bit of my positive focus during that period of incarceration. Being in that environment and having those daily surroundings, it's going to affect you."

T.I. did find a hobby to pass the time - watching TV. "I watched series like 'Sons of Anarchy.' I'm a fan. It's another form of 'The Sopranos' to me. I watched football and ESPN."

One show he didn't watch was HBO's "True Blood", the most popular show on the cellblock.

I guess vampires just don't do it for T.I. His latest album, King Uncaged, drops in September.


Here's T.I.'s new video for 'I Got Your Back' with Keri Hilson.


New Orleans star point guard Chris Paul is tired of playing with the Hornets. It looks like LeBron's decision to join the Heat had a big effect on him too. A person close to Paul says, "He wants to play with another superstar. He wants to follow LeBron's model of teaming up with other great players."

Reportedly, Chris would like to play for the Magic, Lakers, or Knicks. The 3 time All-Star feels that the Hornets don't want to win a championship, which is very important to him. Although he still has two years left on his contract, LeBron's decision has only accelerated his desire for a trade. Another source very close to Paul says, "He's not going to start the season in New Orleans."

Where do you think Chris Paul should play next season?? Wherever he goes, we'll be watching.  Even though he's trying to leave my hometown int he cold....


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