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Will.I.Am claims he's "Most Hip-Hop N*gga Out" + Sean Kingston Investigated for Sexual Assault

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Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas says he's "The Most Hip-Hop N*gga Out" in a recent interview and  Sean Kingston has also been accused of sexual assault. 


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It's no surprise that Will.I.Am doesn't come to mind when you think of hip-hop. Apparently, he thinks it should.

In a recent interview with VibeWill.I.Am says based on his music catalogue, he's "the most hip hop n*gga out" and the media is to blame for the way people perceive him.


The artist says, "If there's anyone whose the personification of hip-hop, I'm probably the most hip-hop n*gga out of all these hip-hop n*ggas."  

He continued saying, "I'm going to win. I'm going to win and win bigger than all these n*ggas are winning."

Will.I.Am thinks that people today are trying to categorize hip-hop and that actually limits it. 


Do you consider Will.I.Am as hip-hop??


In other news, Sean Kingston has been accused of sexual assault. Let's hope this isn't a new summer trend.

The incident supposedly occurred Sunday night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Seattle. Law enforcement officials say both women were intoxicated at the time of the incident and had bottles of beer and vodka in their hands. One of the women claim Kingston had sex with her and then Kingston left the party and went to another room on the same floor.


Reportedly, the woman then went on and had sex with two other men in the room. The second woman allegedly also had sex with someone in the room. A hotel manager says an "incident" happened Sunday night but would not go into details.  The fire department says an ambulance was called and transported both women, 19 and 20, to a hospital where rape tests were taken. 

Sources say Kingston is scheduled to perform tonight with teen sensation Justin Beiber in Portland and was asked by the police to come in for an interview. The police later determined that the case is not credible and said no interview will be necessary. However, at least one of the women will file a civil lawsuit.



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