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TALES FROM THE WEEKEND: Lloyd Banks, Wale, & Charles Barkley

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Lloyd Banks arrested in Toronto

Lloyd Banks hit the slammer this weekend. While he was in Toronto, Canada on Friday night, he allegedly beat up a concert promoter: United States rap artist Christopher Charles Lloyd, professionally known as Lloyd Banks, of G-Unit and some of his associates have been arrested in downtown Brantford after allegedly beating a Toronto concert promoter. The four men are now facing, assault, forcible confinement and robbery charges. The group allegedly held and beat Toronto’s Chris Hines on Friday night, after Lloyd walked out on a concert he had been contracted to perform. The men were held by police over the weekend and are expected to make their first appearance in court on Monday.
There's a picture of the victim at the source as well. That now makes umpteen rappers in lock up. SMDH. More drama under the cut....

Wale gets blasted by GoGo bands

D.C. rapper Wale is getting blasted by his home team--the GoGo Bands who have backed him on many of his tracks. And they all did it in--of course--Twitter. Apparently TCB and Backyard Band are saying that they are receiving no royalties for the sampling of their music. They started telling people to request the radio stations to STOP playing pretty girls. TCB and Backyard Band both removed their rants. But here's what Anton A (an events promoter who helped Wale on his come-up) sent over yesterday about his beef with Wale:
People have been hitting me up asking me to present this story to the world. A major beef has ensued in DC with rapper Wale VS My Self (Anton A), TCB, and Backyard Band. Backyard and TCB, legendary bands from DC are not beefing but upset the Wale has not given them proper credit for using their work. TCB is upset he sold the right to their song Ice Cream girl which blew wale up in DC to HBO. Backyard is upset that he shout the Pretty Girls Video in LA with out Backyard, who the songs belongs too. They all gave him permission to use the song but got no love in return. Wale is mad at me because I put it out their. I did all Wale major party's when he was coming up. The manager or marketing director on Love and Park the biggest clubs in DC reweeted my comments about me standing up for Wale when people did not want him in club(@MissJulesDC & @KellyMLC09). I did several wale shows when people refused to endorse his music. Now he wants to beef with me because I understood where TCB (@BounceBeatKings) and Backyard (@BackyardBand) are coming from. He said when I see him its going to be a problem...I told him come see me at Park tonight.
[gallery link="file"] (Wale in blue and green writing, Anton in the other) Can't ever forget those who helped you on your come-up. Because they will remind you and put you ON BLAST. UPDATE: Wale hit up EZ Street here in DC on WKYS and downplayed everything saying it's all rumors and there is no beef.  Um, he might want to pass that message to Mr. Anton who sent over the above statement clearly saying he has a prob with Wale.  We would have never known unless we were sent the statement.  Just sayin'... And here's Charles Barkley on "SNL" Saturday night as Alicia Keys: Hehe.
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