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PARTY FAB: Lakers Celebrate Shannon Brown's Birthday

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The Lakers came out to celebrate Shannon Brown's birthday at Playhouse in L.A. over the weekend.  And Kobe and Vanessa Bryant were there to party it up.  Is it just me or do we need to put Vanessa on Preggers Watch for the third time?

Anthony Lindsey, Kobe, Shannon Brown and Omarr Gilbert were all there to have some fun.

And Gerren (from "Baldwin Hills") and Luenell kicked it on the red carpet.  O------k. Mor epics under the cut....

O ok.  So I guess this is what Gerren's doing now.

Why Luenell?  WHY?  She posed with R&B/Pop singer Tionne and Gerren.

Tangi Miller was there too.

Ron Artest and Electik Red came out.

Well aren't they cute.

Deray Davis was there.

So were Shannon's parents.

And model Bobby Roache hit the carpet.  Fun times.
Photog: Turner
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