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Dame Dash Isn't BROKE+Celebs Sendin' Twitpics...

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Despite folks going in on Dame Dash's brokeness these past couple years thanks to his public child support payment and tax "issues"...it looks like he does have some serious dough in his oven.  We just found out that Mr. Dash is the owner of a multi-level complex in Tribeca called DD172. And that piece is an extra multi-million dollar asset.  It houses an art gallery and fashion and media offices for several companies.

Click Thumbnails The mother of Dame's oldest child Boogie has blasted Dame in the media about her and her child damn near living in poverty because Dame doesn't help out in any way.  He denied it all... And here's our round-up of the latest celebrity Twitpics.  Y'all know the celebrity folk love some Twitter:

Chris Brown's new photoshoot for YRB magazine.

Shaunie kicking it with other teammate wifeys (Bron's fiance Savannah on the far right) at the Cavaliers game watching Shaq and Lebron.  This was before we broke this ish.

And a flick from Michelle Williams' Alter Ego photoshoot.  Interesting... More of what celebs are posting when you read the rest...

Tamera Mowry posted a pic of her sis Tia and the cast of their Lifetime movie Double Wedding.  And then she posted these cute promo pics:

Loves her.

Michelle's photoshoot is going to be interesting I see. And Lloyd posted a pic of his new tee he got from fellow ATL'er Kandi Burruss' store Tags:

And him and Drake on the set of their new video for "Bedrock".
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