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Mya & Prince Out & About+Updates On Marlon Wayans & Chris Rock's Lawsuit

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Mya was spotted having a night out last night at CoCo Deville nightclub for her birthday:

The "Dancing With The Stars" queen turns 30 on Saturday. And Prince is still over in Paris taking in the shows:

He hit up John Galliano yesterday.  Nice. More when you read the rest...

Marlon Wayans has been named to replace Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor in a biopic on Richard's life. Supposedly Marlon blew the studio exes away with ihs screen test when he transformed into Pryor. So can Marlon pull it off on the big screen?

Chris Rock has responded to the $5 mill legal copyright suit filed by filmmaker Regina Kimbell over Good Hair: In his declaration, Rock admits that he did meet with Kimbell for a private screening of her documentary at Paramount for research purposes for his own movie. But he denies her claim that she showed him the documentary because somebody from his team told her: “I think we can help you”. Rock states that Nappy Roots, unlike Good Hair, is more a historical take on the topic of black hair care rather than an entertainment one. The comedian claims that he first got the idea for his ‘docu-comedy’ when he was playing a comedy gig in Atlanta 17 years ago. He overheard some people talking about The Bronner Brothers Convention in a hotel elevator – the biggest black hair care convention in America – before visiting it for himself. Around 8 to 10 years later he met with HBO executives Nancy Gellar and Nina Rosenstein to further discuss making the documentary before meeting Mr Bernard Bronner (of Bronner Brothers) in person in 2004 and once again in 2007.
Kimbell has since filed an injunction to stop the movie from being played.
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