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Tyra Talks Her Real Hair+Queenie's Got NeNe

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Tyra Banks and her real hair hit up "Larry King" yesterday. And here's a snippet of their interviewing airing this week:
King: All right. You kicked off season five of your talk show by revealing your real hair. Banks: Let's talk about my hair right now. I know it's been a big mystery. And I was like it was an unsolved mystery, and I felt like I needed to solve this mystery. Like I've worn weaves and wigs and pieces and clip-ons and clip-outs and clip-downs and around since I was 17, 18, and I wanted to show the real me. I wanted to show the raw me, and I just got out of the shower -- beat the face first of course, you all -- and then came out of here -- on this stage, and this is me, you all. This is me. King: How did that feel? Banks: Oh my God, it felt so liberating. It felt so liberating. I have worn fake hair since I was 17 years old. King: This -- is this real? Banks: Yes. This is me. You want to feel my scalp? King: Yes. Banks: Yes? It's a little kinky in the scalp. That's like real black girl hair. But -- go -- go in there. Yes. That's -- yes. It's kinky. Exactly. My natural hair texture is very kinky. You felt my real hair texture. This is straightened. This part is straightened. This part is not, inside. advertisement But, I mean, hair for black women, we spend $9 billion a year on hair products -- black women do. So growing up as a young girl and seeing images in the media where they're saying that a certain type of hair is beautiful and yours isn't is very difficult for a black woman -- for black women and it's a -- it's a long, political thing that we can do a whole show about. But I felt it was my responsibility to show as much of my real hair as possible.
She also talks about not trying to BE Oprah at the source.  Oh Tyra... Remember everyone's favorite homeless celeb Queenie?  The one who "saves celebs from the paparazzi"?:

Well she Lil Mama'd NeNe yesterday while the paps were snapping her lunch with O.C. Housewife Gretchen.  Those pics are here in case  you missed them.

On a random note, is anybody impatiently waiting for this new Couple's Retreat movie?:

Faizon Love is a mess...
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