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Wanna Smell Like Beyonce?+Bobby Brown Set For Celebrity Fit Club+ANTM Chick Bre Gets ARRESTED!

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So much for that 2 year break. After being the face of Tommy Hilfiger and Armani perfumes, Beyonce is set to launch her own brand of perfume next year under Coty Inc.:

"For me, fragrance reflects a woman's attitude and unique sense of style," said Beyonce. "While I love various perfumes, I haven't found a scent that truly personifies me as a woman. Working with Coty, I was able to turn my ideal fragrance into a reality by creating an alluring and sophisticated fragrance; one that's reflective of my inner power. It's a true privilege to be working with Coty and I can't wait to share this personal side of me with fans all across the world." Coty is the home for many celeb fragrances like Halle Berry's, J.Lo's, L.A.M.B., Victoria Beckham's and tons of others. The new unnamed brand is scheduled to launch in early 2010 in North and South America with subsequent plans to launch in Europe and key markets throughout the world later that year. I wonder if it'll have glitter and bedazzled stones inside the bottle....

Bobby Brown's going to be a contestant on the next season of "Celebrity Fit Club".  He says he's gained too much weight recently and needs to get back in fighting form.  Yes...because all the women are just anxiously waiting on Bobbaay to show off his chiseled pectacles again.  I may actually have to watch this ish...

Former ANTM contestant and model Bre was arrested at a Starbucks in NYC Monday. Apparently she got scrappy with someone after trying to get her family member's laptop back: Police tell TMZ the Cycle 5 contestant was arrested in NYC Monday for disorderly conduct after getting into it with a woman at a local Starbucks -- a woman who claims Bre took her laptop and wouldn't give it back. We're told Scullark was at the coffee shop and picked up a computer which wasn't hers -- thinking it belonged to a family member. When the owner asked for it back, Bre got rowdy and started cussing her out, insisting it was a relative's. Bre was taken into police custody and issued a court summons. Awww and Bre is one of my fave "Top Model" chicks. Y'all know she does NOT play. Remember that episode when somebody ate her food? UPDATE: Here's Bre's statement on the whole thing.  She says the story isn't really true:
“Lets clear some things up! There was NO laptop involved in the incident yesterday. There was NEVER an argument in STARBUCKS! And I wasn’t arrested for disorderly conduct!!!! My aunt red leather pully got mixed up with another woman’s red leather pully. We were in a rush trying to register my little brother into his new Middle School. The woman ran up to us screaming that I was a thief. I had no f*&K^g clue what she was talking about. She kept trying to grab the pully from us and kept screaming. I shouted to the police officer in a nearby car, when they came over I asked for them to check the bag so this woman could back off. Once they opened it and we realized it was indeed hers, both my aunt and I apologized and said it was an innocent mistake. Unsatisfied EVEN THOUGH she retrieved her belongings the woman told the police to arrest me for theft and she was going to press charges!!!! TMZ you are toxic, you are liars and more importantly you are wrong! You have my name in the media like I’m some arrogant diva.That IS NOT ME!!!! I go to work and I go home…I guess me being signed to Ford NY AND LA doesn’t count, or that in four years I’ve booked 5 campaigns, or that I work with trafficking victims, or that I’m still employed through my Idol. It was an honest mistake and I hate you guys for tainting my name and jeopardizing my relationships with current and future clients! It must have been a VERY slow day in Hollywood if you’re making up Bullshit about me. Leave me alone and keep you NEGATIVE, WRONG comments to yourself…The story doesn’t even sound right…

And congrats to Tyler Perry for dominating the box office yet again this past weekend. His movie I Can Do Bad All By Myself debuted at #1 and raked in $41 mill. It's his fifth #1 debut so congrats to him and co-stars Taraji P. Henson, Adam Rodriguez, MJB, and others.
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