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*UPDATED* Serena Williams POPS OFF & Loses US Open!

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So last night Serena Williams got extra pissy about how her match was going during the US Open. And the Tournament Referee ended up making a decision that got her out of the US Open semi-finals after 2 code violations - throwing and breaking her racquet, and for threatening an official!

The line judge claimed the number 2 seed Serena threatened her by saying "I will kill you!" And it sounds like 'Rena is denying it. Reports also say Serena yelled to the line judge "If I could, I would take this f*cking ball and shove it down your f*cking throat." Check the vid. Serena's sis Venus and mom Oracene were in the crowd as well. UPDATE: Serena just did a press conference a few hours ago where she discussed what happened and says she misunderstood what the line judge was accusing her of. The line judge apparently didn't say Serena screamed "I will kill you".

Basically Serena was forced to give a point to her opponent due to her "unsportsmanlike conduct" and that resulted in her losing the second set (after already losing the first), which meant she lost whole match. Story here.
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