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The Obamas Hit The Polls+Terrence Howard Dishes About Split From Ex-Wife

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President and First Lady hopefuls Barack & Michelle Obama were spotted casting their votes today in Chicago: LOL.  Homegirl is all in his business.  Nevermind, that looks like his daughter Malia. I'm sure we all know who their vote for President was.  Loves it. Terrence Howard and his wife Lori McCommas split years ago after a 14 year marriage.  He then bought her her dream house in an effort to get her back: Howard tells Hip Hop Weekly, "It was the house she fell in love with when she was a little girl, and I bought the house because I was re-courting her again, but it didn't work out." The actor recently revealed how he wrote a song about stalking McCommas, before eventually moving on and finding love with his current, unnamed girlfriend of two-and-half-years.
So they finally split the second time because she didn't fall for his re-courting antics.  That or she didn't use baby wipes. The Randomness 1.  I just stood in line for an hour to vote--sick with the flu and all.  But I'm sucking it up today and keeping it moving.  So there are no excuses.  VOTE PEOPLES!  And to all you fabulous ones who have already done so--Congrats!
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