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Nelly Says He's "Serious" About Ashanti+Celebs Hit The B-Ball Games+Congrats To Lewis Hamilton

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I guess The Carters are inspiring everybody these days to fess up about the love of their lives.  Nelly told People.com this weekend that he and Ashanti are definitley "serious" and have been "kicking it for a minute".  He also says the key to their relationship is just having fun:
"That's the thing between me and her, we just like having fun," he said Sunday at Las Vegas's Lavo club, where he was celebrating his 34th birthday.  I think it's always serious when you can hang with a person continuously ... and [“still”] have fun."
Well looky here.  A much different note than the "best friend" mess they've both been talking for the last 5 years...even just last week.  Not sure what changed but Nelly is obviously A-OK with going public about his love for his girl.  Cute. Celebs kicked it courtside at the Atlanta Hawks game this weekend: Chilli and Polow Da Don were there.  That's a mighty big and suspicious rock you have there on your ring finger Ms. Chilli.  Care to share? And over in the NYC at the Knicks game: Ahmad Rashad was there with his wife Sale Johnson. And season ticket holder Spike Lee brought his son to the game to kick it courtside. Fun times. More sideline pics and news on the newest Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton when you read the rest... Milwauke baseball player--and clearly a very good reason to start watching baseball--Mike Cameron hit the sidelines: Sexual chocolate. More pics of Polow and Ahmad and wife: I wonder if her face hurts. And Roy Johnson Jr. also hit the sidelines of the Knicks game.
Lewis Hamilton celebrates with his family (half-brother, father and stepmother) and American girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger
In other fabulous news, British Formula 1 Race Car Driver Lewis Hamilton became the youngest and first black person to ever win a F1 Championship title.  His family and his Pussycat Doll girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger were there in Brazil (the site of the race) to cheer him on.  SMH at the sportswriters writing off his hisoric win as "luck".  Congrats to our newest British crush Lewis!
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