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Janet's Still Cancelling Shows+The VP Debate "SNL" Skit

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YBF readers who hit up the Janet Jackson concert last night in Greensboro, NC dished to TheYBF.com about Janet's weird cancellation of that concert. And the way they were informed that the concert was canceled: When they pulled up, everyone was going the wrong way to park. The parking attendant came up to the cars and told folks that the show was just canceled. And they were told to check the newspapers and internet for more info. Damn Janet. No warning? I'm also hearing Ms. Jackson has canceled 2 more of her shows this upcoming week as well. Her publicist said this morning that Janet has "not fully recovered". Last time I checked..it takes 9 months to even start to "recover" from an "illness" like pregnancy. They need to stop frontin' and keep it 100 with the fans who keep buying these tickets just to go to a canceled show. And yes, we're still sticking to the preggers story because...we can. I'm just sayin'... Check out last night's VP Debate skit on "SNL" where Queen Latifah played moderator Gwen Ifill and Tina Fey nailed Mrs. Palin yet again:
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