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Breaking News: McCain Chooses Female VP!

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Well isn't this a political trump card McCain is pulling? He has the chosen female Governor of Alaska (and former beauty pagent participant) Sarah Palin as his Vice President.  {Story} It would be yet another history maker if the GOP ticket wins as Gov. Palin will be the first woman in US history to serve as Vice President of the United States.  She has already made history as the first woman to become Governor of Alaska. And my fellow politically minded folks understand this is definitely a power move on the part of the Republicans and could cause a huge hurdle for the Obama ticket to jump.  Sen. McCain clearly chose Palin (at least in part) due to her being almost a complete parallel to both Hillary and Barack, outside of her being a Republican, causing some Obama supporters to possibly defect to the other side.  And politically minded folks understand that many Americans don't vote on issues, but on superficiality.  So is this going to cause a prob for the Obama supporters?  Speak on it...
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