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Somebody Come Get This Dude JoJo Hailey

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WTF is going on here? K-Ci and JoJo performed in Sydney, Australia recently and JoJo straight fell out on stage during their "All My Life" performance. And no one came over to help this man! Apparently, according to folks who were there, he was drunk and high per usual and it caught up to him. And when JoJo finally came to...after K-Ci finished the song while his brother remained on the floor... everybody acted like it was no big deal. I see that over a decade later K-Ci and JoJo still haven't gotten it together. Damn shame. UPDATE: By the way, K-Ci went on the radio today to attempt to clear up what happened. He said it was not drug or alcohol and that JoJo has epilepsy. Click here for the audio. The "clear up is around 5:20. Hate to sound cold hearted but this whole situation still gets the side eye from me. FYI: Thanks for being patient with me and YBF as we are still doing major upgrades/technical transformations to the site causing it to have some downtime.
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