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Oh.My.Damn. Laverne Cox

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So YBF reader Rashida hit up Drag Queen night at the local karaokee club last year.  And guess who was hosting...none other than Laverne Cox...pre-Diddy.  Laverne is now a cheescake runner on VH1's "I Want To Work For Diddy" show.  And we reported a few weeks ago that she is indeed a transgendered person and is the first black transgendered person on a US reality show.  Apparently, her co-stars/frenemies on the show aren't 100% sure of her "sexuality".  But we are.  So honestly, the above pics aren't shocking to me... But these are.  The crazy kids over at ONTD posted some pics of Laverne...once again pre-Diddy...being a "hostess" at Lucky Chengs in Manhattan this past January.   Appparently this is the hostess' job when it's someone's birthday.  And I literally have tears streaming down my face from both laughter and pain to my corneas.   More even more interesting pics (slightly NSFW) when you read the rest...   What in the tranny mess of a rainbow sh*t stained leotard over the leggings hidden penis hell is going on here?   There really  are no words.  I have so many questions yet I can't seem to complete a thought at this very moment.  But Diddy is for damn sure somewhere remixing a soundtrack for this set of pics.  Overly laced with "Take that Take that" and drool.       
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