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Diddy & Cassie ENGAGED!?+Danity Kane & Bow Wow Do FNM+The Do Gooders

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Star magazine is reporting that Diddy and Cassie are now telling the people close to them that they got engaged last month.  According to Star: "He told everyone to keep it extremely quiet because he didn't want it to get out, but you could tell he was excited," says a source. "Diddy said they hadn't set a date yet, but he wanted his family to hear the news first." Apparently he popped the question at Justin's eigth grade graduation on June 5th.  This is all very interesting since a couple weeks ago Cassie herself said they broke up.  Maybe they were engaged last month and that's the break up Cassie was speaking of.  Or maybe they have made up.  Or maybe all this ish is wrong.  Either way, I'm just passing on the news.  And again, pick up your face Kim Porter.    UPDATE: Reps for Diddy and Cassie say this is a complete fabrication and they are NOT engaged.   Danity Kane and Bow Wow were hit up MTV's FNM taping last night as DK is featuring their new "Bad Girl" video tomorrow night.   More pics when you read the rest... I'm still trying to figure out when regular bras became part of chicks' outfits.  I've been seeing that nonsense a lot these days. Over at L.A.'s Ringling Bros. circus opening, Columbus Short brought out his girlfriend and son: Awww.   And Romeo brought out his fam: Cute.  But um, you know you been in Cali too long Romeo when you're wearing those shorts and crew socks like that.  Boo.   Kanye's documentary where he goes from house to house to offer monetary and other types of aid to young military vets airs Monday on MTV.  It's part of the Choose or Lose campaign.  And he's getting tons of praise for his do gooder activities--even from Bill O'Reilly.  I think it's absolutely fabulous what he's doing and is setting a great example.  Check out MTV.com for the full details of what's going down.        And congrats to Nas for bumping Lil Wayne out that #1 spot this week and selling close to 180,000 units this week of his "Unitiled" album.  While it's not really that many units relative to Weezy's 1 million sold the first week The Carter III dropped, it's still cool.  Go Nas.  And as for those 671,000 petitions he was protesting against Fox News with yesterday, the reps at Fox refused to accept them.  Damn.       If you're watching Part 2 of the CNN Black in America documentary tonight, click here for a sneak peek at the interview they do with Melyssa Ford and aspiring video chicks.
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