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More Proof Of J-Hud & Punk's Couple Status?

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Y'all aint slick Punk and J-Hud
Now we all know a little while back reports were abrewing about Jennifer Hudson dumping her long time janitor boyfriend and soon started dating "Punk" from I Love NY 2. While I'm sure we all wrote all that ish off as just a silly rumor since our little Jenny would never date a VH1 Bafoonery contestant, it's looking more and more true by the minute. Yesterday, I posted pics of Jenny walking the streets of Manhattan right after leaving her hotel room. She was in town to perform on Good Morning America yesterday morning. And something told me to go back and look at the pic that I had cropped a suspicious looking man out of. And hot damn what do I find but David "Punk" Otunga creeping in the background trying to hide from the paps. Yeah...we spotted your punk ass Punk. The two were even spotted arriving/leaving the Taste of Chicago festival together during the July 4th weekend: Veeeery interesting. And they also were spotted together at a music store about a month ago: US Weekly reported they've been dating for more than 7 months and are getting serious. But other sources say she's still claiming she's with her long time boyfriend. And how convenient is it that both Punk and J-Hud are from Chi-Town? Honestly, I don't even think this is an upgrade. His soft Mickey Mouse voice paired with all those muscles and that poppin' lipgloss is just bothersome to me. Automatic turnoff. I really wish she would stay away from Team Tang. Because those main pics on homie's myspace page get 5 snaps from me. And y'all better not act like this dude doesn't look like he could be Terry McMillan's ex's twin brother (check pic here for comparison). But whatever floats your boat Jenny...
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