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50's Baby Mama Drama Continues...

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50 Cent sueing Sheniqua Thompkins

50 Cent is setting things up to flip the script and sue his son's mother Shaniqua Thompkins.  After Sheniqua brought 50 to court several times these last couple of months to deal with the now burnt down home situation, he is now suing her for defamation of character.  Sheniqua accused 50 of trying to kill her and their son Marquise by burning down the house a few weeks ago that they were all living in.  And now, 50's lawyers are saying they're not taking her mouthiness anymore: "There comes a point where you can no longer sit on your hands and listen to her spread these falsehoods.  Besides hurting his reputation, they have a damaging impact on their son." And that's not all.  50 is pissy because now Sheniqua is trying to keep Marquise from him and is cutting off communication between the two.  According to the Daily News, Sheniqua has "made it practically impossible" for 50 to speak to or see his son, according to a petition filed this week in Suffolk County Family Court.  50 says that when he learned Marquise's cell phone was destroyed in the fire, he sent him a new one, along with a duffle bag of new clothes.  According to 50's lawyers: Tompkins has "failed and refused to give the cell phone to Marquise," 50 alleges. "The only way [50] can communicate with his son is to call [Tompkins'] cell phone. On June 11 ... [she] did permit [50] to speak with his son. However ... she was hovering over Marquise, monitoring the conversation and, after a short while, she interrupted the conversation by taking the phone from Marquise and began yelling at [50]," who eventually hung up on her. Sheniqua's due in court tomorrow, but 50 won't be there as he's in Shreveport, Louisiana filming a movie.  Drama!
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