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Shaq Is Assed Out...Literally+These Kardashian Chicks CAN'T Be Serious & Diddy Talks Notorious

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So Shaq decided to moon the camera whole he was in somebody's studio recently so we could see his jolly black giant ass. Peep the vid.

The Kardashian Sisters did a PSA for the Burma crisis. And while I was hoping this ish was a joke, the accompanying press release from the publicists for this campaign prove it to be real. WTF material indeed.


And Diddy says the Notorious movie is going well and Gravy is killin' the Biggie role. He even had to leave the set because Derek Luke was playing his Puffy Combs role way too well. Diddy recently told MTV:

"Gravy, the guy playing B.I.G., it was just too eerie for me to be on that," Combs marveled. "Gravy's killing it. If I tell you he's killing it, then that's all we need to say, you know what I'm saying? I don't think anybody could have done a better job." "It's rare that you get a movie made about you when you're still relevant, but [they] took on the challenge," Combs said of the cast, adding that he was especially impressed with actor Derek Luke, who is playing Diddy. "People asked me years ago who you'd want to play me, and I said Derek Luke ... so it was just destined. I got to see him do his thing, and it was scary for me. I had to leave, 'cause he was acting just like me."

This ought to get interesting.

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