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Like Father Like Son+On The Set Of Karina's "16 At War" Video+Obama Taps Into His Inner Jigga

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At another taping of MTV's "Rock The Cradle", it was made clear just how the Jr.'s are trying their damndest to swagger jack their own parents: Really Lil Al B. and Al B. Sure? No...really? The dressed alike mini-me look especially with all denim is killing me. Landon Brown and Bobby were there taping too of course: I'm surprised Bobby didn't hop up there and start getting nekkid too. And MC Hammer's daughter was on too: Interesting. R&B newcomer Karina was spotted shooting her video for her song "16 At War" yesterday: Director Jesse Terrerro.
Fun times. And a mash up video has been floating around the net of Barack Obama brushing the dirt off his shoulders (the hate from his opponents) at a recent speech. And this comes after him saying he's a Jay-Z fan: Ha.
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