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Your Daily Bigga Wedding Watch Update + Are You Really Beefing With Bobby Brown Ray-J?

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More details of the Beyonce /Jay-Z wedding and reception are surfacing from all over the place. Sources are reporting that Bey has indeed been rocking a 16 carat diamond wedding ring since Friday. But she conveniently removes it/covers it when the paps are around. Like she did this week at at the ATL Heart of the City Tour afterparty:
It's not like our girl B to be this anti-paparazzi for this long. Hmmm... Russell Simmons confirmed their marriage on Ed Lover's radio show this morning. he said he was sorry he couldn't make it but he was invited. And the florist is telling folks that the rooms looked like a creamy dream filled with B's fave flowers. Nice. Her movie Cadillac Records is not finished taping, but she may have taped all her scenes early as sources say she's going to be with her new hubby Jay on almost all his upcoming tour stops. Ray-J decided to make a diss track that's on his new album. It's the single "Boyfriend" and he's telling Bobby he basically didn't "beat it up right" when it comes to Whitney. Part of the lyrics:
"Is that your wife, is that your shorty, well I'm her boyfriend ... I think the problem is you don't beat it right ... Making love is cool, just pull her hair sometimes."

And Bobby apparently addresses Whitney and Ray-J's relationship in his soon to be released new memoirs:
"For those of you who want to know, I'm aware of the fact that Whitney had been seeing Ray J, a very young R&B artist who is most famous for being the little brother of Brandy, the multi-platinum singing artist and TV star. "Their relationship doesn't bother me. She's open to see whoever she wants to see, just like I can see who I want to see. I know the age difference between her and the little guy is 20 years, but to each his own. The only concern I had was how our daughter felt about the age difference. As long as she's cool with it, it's fine by me."
Sigh. Really though? I mean...really? Who beefs about sex with Whitney?
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