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Foolywang Material+Happy Mother's Day From Chilli

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Janice Combs is back to reclaim her throne from the other fierce kitties who have been looking extra foolish these days: She hit up the Dress for Success Worldwide Gala in the NYC last night. Irony at its best. WTF Danny Glover? We all understand you hit up the NY FilmAid event last night and just wanted to rock traditional dress and everything. HOWEVER, I highly doubt anyone who rocks this outfit on the daily would rock the neon yellow rubber shoes. Just a thought. Over at last night's ASCAP Awards: And Verdeen White's chick has been giving Janice Combs a run for her money for a minute. I just figured she wanted us to notice so I'm now giving her the shine she possibly wanted. Chilli is busting out her new bags and accessories for all you folks who want your kids' faces blown up 1000 pixls to put on your ish:
Her son Tron (her son's father is Dallas Austin) is the model in most of these bags. And while I personally would never subject my future child to the laughter and torture that would undoubtedly ensue from his friends when I pull up at his school with this ish, to each her own.  By the way, hasn't T-Boz been doing this type of thing at her store Chase's Closet for a few years now?  I know Chilli didn't swagger jack her own BFF.
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